IPA, Inc.
Information Planning Associates, Inc.


IPA is a systems design, development, and administration company specializing in providing data reporting and integration portals in a private, web-centered, secure, thin client environment.

Information Planning Associates, Inc. has over thirty years experience with the US Army, US Navy, and local government financial data systems.  


Core Competencies


  Oracle databases and interconnectivity
  Secure webs using both PKI and SSL encryption
  Rapid systems deployment and change response
  DON POM and Budget cycles at the Echelon I, II, and III levels
  Both Java and Java-free interface design



Contract Vehicles


GSA - GS-35-F-0040J
- N00014-04-D-0511
Seaport-E - N00178-05-D-4371

Seaport-E - N00178-14-D-7756



Latest Projects



Located at the Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, California, iRAPS SPAWAR is an Oracle front and backend financial database, serving the comptroller and program offices of this Echelon II command.


At the Echelon I commands of N2/6 in Crystal City, Virginia, iRAPS HQ serves the needs of the financial community with its POM building and archiving tools.


Located at the Pentagon in Washington DC, PBIS enables the financial offices of N80 and FMB to complete their planning and budget.




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Simple, yet Robust
We can provide tailored data interface solutions to fit your needs. We can customize COTS (commercial off the shelf) software to give you a solid foundation, rather than writing unique code that grows into an unknowable monster.
Bells and Whistles 
Our philosophy is to avoid unnecessary dressing and thick client installs.  We go for simple, quick, and useful.  We work with all levels, from the top administration to the end-users, to develop a product that actually gets used.